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My infant has problems pooping.NEED ADVICE!?
ZaiahsMommy posted:
Hi my name is Sadie.Im young,17 and im a new mom. My son is only 2 months old n he has problems pooping on his own.My boyfriend and i have to help him everytime. We no this is not normal and our pedi wont see our son due to insurance issues. Any one who has experience with this problem please reply!! In desperate need of help!!
mommylovesnoah responded:
My son doesnt poop on his own all the time either. Sometimes i have to give him apple juice. The formula that he is on has alot of iron in it and the pedi wont consider switching because he was born premature and this formula is specifically for preemies. Sometimes he will go 4-5 days without pooping. If you see rock like poops he is probably constipated and just needs a little extra water everyday.
phoenix31674 replied to mommylovesnoah's response:
Note, please don't give your son straight water at this age - it can lead to water intoxication because their stomachs are so little. You might want to try switching formula. Kids react differently to different formulas and the one he's on might be stopping him up. If switching formula doesn't work and he's pooping rock hard, you might also want to try applejuice diluted 1 oz juice to 2 oz water (note, the regular adult juice, not toddler/baby juice or sugar free) to get him moving.

Is there a free clinic you could go to? also, have you looked into state insurance for kids. Many states have programs for kids to provide insurance so they can be seen regularly by a doctor.

Worst case, take him to the ER. They have to see you there whether you have insurance or not. I won't normally recommend that, but with babies their health is pretty delicate at times, especially with something like pooping.
momtobegrunden responded:
What is he doing that makes you think he has problems? If he is not pooping little hard pebble-like poop, he's not actually constipated. It is very normal for infants to strain, grunt, and sometimes cry when pooping. Their little digestive systems are still working on figuring things out! It can also be normal to go several days without pooping. As long as his poop is normal consistency when he does go, he's not constipated. My first baby would regularly go three to four days without going (and then unfortunately have a HUGE blowout!).

You should try to get Medicaid for your son. It's a simple process to apply, and then all medical care would be free to you. It's very important to take your baby to regularly scheduled well-check ups! They ensure that your baby is healthy and on the right track and find problems early on before they become bigger problems. If you don't qualify, try looking for a new doctor that will accept you without insurance. Most offices that will do that will give you discounted care and set up payment plans so you can pay for care over time.
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GigiSage responded:
Go to a walk in clinic, they are like seeing a regular doctor instead of an ER. They also cost less out of pocket and most of the time they have financial counselors on site that can help you with the financial stuff including finding programs he may be eligible for.

His poop should be creamy like peanut butter. If is is solid and little balls then he is constipated. A few things might help. A few drops of karo syrup in his bottle, an ounce of prune juice mixed with his formula. If you are breastfeeding - baby eats what you eat, so up your fiber intake, eat some prunes and drink lots of water.
5ylver responded:
like another poster said, grunting is normal. It is ok for your baby to go days without pooping, pooping is getting rid of stuff your baby doesn't need and much of what he eats isn't waste, his body needs most of it.
KSHoh responded:
My LO aslo had this issue. For a while we had to stimulate him with a rectel themoter or use vaseline as a lube. We also give hime some apple juice(2oz water 1oz apple juice) every day that helps him soo much. He is 3months 2 weeks and he can poop on his own now. Hope this helps some.
kmoneamom1 responded:
I am also a young mom,19 on my first baby but have a little experience because I am a nanny. My baby also had trouble pooping and I would lay her across my shoulder to help her poop. Another thing that helps ease stomach pain and constipation is one drop of Karo syrup. (Light or dark ) added to warm bottle of your babies choice of milk will have baby pooping normally.

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