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Table Food
BNWilson3 posted:
When did you start feeding your baby table foods and what did you give them? My DD is 9 months old and people think that I should give her table foods. Right now she gets all kinds of baby food, baby snacks (puffs, yogurt melts) and formula. But I don't really give her table foods because I feel like she will have the rest of her life to eat that sort of stuff. I was told at her 9 month appt that they would like her to stop getting bottles at 1 year (which is less then 3 months away) I am just wondering where I go after she stops taking a bottle. Do I stop with baby food too? TIA
Brenda(27) DH-Nicholas(27) DD-Lyla Sue(9 months)
Emma_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi Brenda,

My daughter is almost a year old, we are working on breaking the bottle. But she may end up being 13 months old before we get rid of it entirely. We started slowly with table foods, when she started getting teeth. But mashed potatoes was probably the first table food. Then softened veggies, and banana.

They make baby food all the way to babies who are 24 months old, so I don't think you have to give those up entirely. But it might be wise to slowly start introducing table food, as soon as your doctor says it's ok.

Good luck,
j9ween2 responded:
you can start with little pieces of banana, pasta, cooked carrots. at 1 they also move on to whole milk. You can start introducing a sippy with formula or water in it now. I am just starting this now, DD2 was 8 weeks early and is just getting the idea of picking up & putting puffs into her mouth
Janine (Tyler -5, Bella -3, and Giana -9 months born 8 weeks early)
Dan Brennan, MD responded:
Great questions!

It is up to you (actually your baby) when you transition from puree to chunks of food. Most start to like chunkier food around 9 months, but others start later.

As for the bottle, many parents start introducing whole milk in a sippy cup at 12 months and most dentists prefer to have kids off the botlle by 18 months.

Hope that helps

Dr. Dan

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