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Ear infection
BNWilson3 posted:
Can a baby have an ear infection with out a temp? Do they automatically have a temp with an ear infection?
Brenda(27) DH-Nicholas(27) DD-Lyla Sue(9 months)
Dan Brennan, MD responded:
Hi Brenda -

This is a great question. Yes, a baby can have an ear infection without a fever.

Signs that might indicate an ear infection can include increased fussiness, ear pulling, not wanting to be placed in a horizontal position and drainage from the ear. Most commonly, these symptoms can be seen toward the end of a head cold.

It is always great to check in with your doctor office when you have a concern - a traige nurse can often help you decide if you should come in to be checked out.

Hope that helps,
Dr. Dan
BNWilson3 replied to Dan Brennan, MD's response:
She is not overly fussy just sleeps a lot more. She also has been rubbing her ear but she doesn't seem sick. We took her temp and it was fine. Just being the overly protective parent and always wondering if something is wrong with my LO. Thanks for the info.
Brenda(27) DH-Nicholas(27) DD-Lyla Sue(9 months)