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36 hrs. and no poop!! Need Advice
STheo posted:
My LO turned 4 months today and its been 36 hrs since he pooped. He is exclusively breastfeed except that we started him on brown rice cereal. He would have 2 or 3 tsp. of that mixed with breast milk once a day and follow that up with some apple juice (not a lot maybe 1 oz. 1/2 juice 1/2 water).
He doesn't seem to be uncomfortable, lots of gas, but no BM.
We have his 4 months appt with our pedi this thursday, hopefully he will poo by then. Anything I can do until then?
Dan Brennan, MD responded:
Hi - As long as the bowel movements have not been rock-hard, it is not uncommon for some babies this age to go up to 7 days (even 10!).

Speaking from personal experience ... when he does go, it may be quite impressive :)

I'd try some tummy massage and a warm bath to help him relax.

Hope that helps,

Dr. Dan
happymoe responded:
I was getting stressed with my DD at 5 months when she went over 60 hours without a poop. She is breastfed but I started rice cereal twice a day since about 4 months She usually went at the very least every 24-36 hours. I added a little bit of prunes to her cereal and she pooped within a few hours, prune bits and all.... don't ask me how lol. I've heard that pears help too, although they haven't had such an effect as the prunes for us.
STheo responded:
He finally had a BM today. I tried to feed him prunes pureed (Gerber brand) and prune juice in small amounts over the last 3 days with no result. Lots of stinky gas but nothing. Finally went to pediatrician who like Dr. Brennan said "not to worry, its his digestive tract getting used to the cereal that I fed him." She also recommends Q-tip with vaseline to help move things along. I did that tonight after he farted a few times and poop just came pouring out. LOL. They're not hard, so he wasn't constipated!!
phoenix31674 responded:
My LO is not quite 4 months and not eating food yet (just breastmilk). He just went almost 6 days without pooping, which is a little more than normal for him. He generally poops every 3-4 days. His sister was the same way. He's a nice happy baby, so I just let him be. If he was uncomfortable, I would likely do the Q-tip/vaseline route.

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