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post partum question, how long did you bleed?
Wendy12345678 posted:
So I am going on 3 weeks post partum (Saturday) and I still have to use pads, and I'm wondering if this is normal. I don't bleed all the time, just in sperts, so I have to have a real pad (not tiny panty liner) on all the time. How long did you bleed for? Is this normal????
newmommy301978 responded:
I did for about 4 weeks now I'm just wearing a panty liner
MNMommy3 responded:
I'm right about where you're at. I'm 3 weeks postpartum yesterday and still having to wear a panty liner.. a long one though. I'm not necessarily bleeding anymore but have occasional brown/tan mucous-type discharge... super annoying!!
HaveFaith1224 responded:
Three weeks for me yesterday and I'm still bleeding off and on. Sometimes more than others so I'm not at panty liner yet, still wearing a pad, but a thin one. Not sure how much longer this is going to last.
ReneeErin responded:
I bled on and off for 7 weeks. It was mostly gone for weeks 4 and 5.
Kay_And responded:
I bled for 7 weeks
EmandB responded:
I'm still bleeding 10 weeks later :( It will be like no bleeding for 2 days, bleeding for 3 days, no bleeding for 1 day, bleeding for 4 days... it sucks.
Tiffany30189 responded:
with DD I bled for 6 months... with this baby I only bled for about 6 days... but it was a very easy delivery for sure and had very little bleeding for that either. I think that was an exception to the rule for sure...
Korin81 responded:
With my first pregnancy I bled for about 5 weeks. I am at 4 now and I am using a liner at this point.
Me (29) DH (24) DS (2) DD (3 weeks)
happymoe responded:
I had to move my 6 week check up because I was still bleeding. I had a c-section and still bled for 7 1/2 weeks. The last 1/2 of that just being a liner.
lexilynn2010 responded:
im at 8 weeks and still bleeding :/ i even got my period already yet im still bleeding, not badly but still annoying
BdBabygirl replied to happymoe's response:
what did the doctors say to you
jrap1978 responded:
with my 1st i bled for 4 weeks,nothing on week 5,and then my cycle came back week 6! it sucked!! i'm on week 3 this time and it seems to be stopping,just a brownish discharge, so i'm assuming aunt flo will make an appearance around week 5 this yeh its normal :)
Wendy12345678 responded:
LOL, seems to be a popular issue. The coming and going really sucks! I went and bought panty liners, but no go yet. Seems like I still have the yellowish discharge, but then boom, every 2-3 days I'll bleed, then nothing. Its a tease!

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