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constipation due to formula
Tiffany30189 posted:
we have been doing the concentrate formula from the hospital till yesterday when I started using the powder. This morning DS had balls of poop (constipation) it's the same formula just powder form... will he go back to normal and this is just because of the switch? DD is constantly constipated and she did the same thing when we switched her... but she had other issues as well so we changed formula kind all together and quite frankly I don't remember what the outcome was on her poop like I said there were other issues including breathing and such.
jrap1978 responded:
i had the opposite problem,was on powder then switched her to the concentrate and she has a hard time going now...she doesnt poop pebbles but she went from like 2 times a day to 2 times in 3 days with lots of pushing grunting and smelly gas in mom said until their stomachs get used to it theyll get bound up quick...i called my pedi and she said same thing and to give her 2oz of water a day....15 mins after that phone conversation my LO made the most massive BM ive ever seen i would say call your pedi and make sure you mention the switch,and then wait and see what happens..GL
Dan Brennan, MD responded:
Hi Tiffany - there shouldn't be much of a difference in tolerability from concentrate to powder.

Are you adding the whole volume of water to the bottle first and then mixing in the powder? If you add the powder first and then fill water up to the 2 oz mark, you will wind up with a more concentrated formula that can cause constipation.

Tiffany30189 replied to Dan Brennan, MD's response:
No I do the water then the powder... unfortunately this too happend with my daughter... so even though it shouldn't make a difference it seems with both my kids the switch had made them constipated. the md said to give miralax in the bottle for a week for his system to take the powder... he too agreed that there shouldn't be a difference... but that is the only thing that we have changed... I haven't done the miralax yet.. I am not sure it sounds safe, what is your take Dr. Brennan?

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