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    Concerned First Time Parent
    Sharon1984803 posted:
    My husband and I just became parents about two weeks ago. I am concerned about the way my husband plays with our infant because I'm not sure if it is inappropriate for him right now because he is so young. My husband likes to play airplane and various other movements that I think may be too much due to brain development in infants. Can someone please let me know if this is inappropriate at his young age or if I am overreacting?
    SunConure responded:
    I'm going to say that's a little much for how young he is. Since he doesn't have any head/neck control those need to be supported all the time and anything that jostle's him is to much right now. My daughter is almost 5 months and we just started playing airplane and things like that with her.
    Terra (24) Jeff (25) Rylee Lynn 09/14/10
    bap528 replied to SunConure's response:
    I agree you should slow down until the baby is a little older. There will be plenty of time for those kinds of games. I just worry about their little heads at that age.
    phoenix31674 responded:
    Like the others said, until your son has good control over his head, it's not appropriate. My boy came out holding his head pretty steady and by about 6 weeks could hold it up for 10 minutes or so without support. at 3 months I had him facing front in his Baby Bjorn carrier because he holds his head so well. Of course he also came out of the womb wanting to stand up. But my daughter was about 4 months or so before she could really hold her steady reliably.
    Dan Brennan, MD responded:
    Hi Sharon - One of the biggest challenges as first time parents is discovering each person's parenting style and coming up with common goals/understandings.

    Opening up lines of communication and being able to discuss your concerns is so important, whether it be related to play-style, discipline, etc.

    I would take it as a positive sign that dad wants to be hands on with the new baby and work from there. By being open about your concerns, you will find that the process of parenting will become a lot easier.


    Dr. Dan

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