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    6 month old fighting sleep....
    EMB2006 posted:
    This week my 6 1/2 month old has decided to fight sleep at every nap & sometimes bed time. He's done this off & on before but this week it's every day he fights sleep-mainly naps/bedtime's not too bad. He does have 1 tooth that's almost all the way in, one more about to break the skin & 2 more trying to come in. He didn't fuss too much about the first tooth coming in but I guess maybe the second one is giving him more trouble?? We give him Tylenol has directed by the pedi-sometimes it seems to help/other times not so much.

    I guess my question is-has anyone else experienced this at this age & is it a growth spurt or teething thing that will get better or does it seem he'll do this for a while? I hate seeing him so uncomfy & fighting sleep so badly. I have him at work with me so you can imagine how stressful this is getting.... Any help or advice is welcome! Thanks!!
    Erin (24), DH (24), first baby-Lucas-born July 26, 2010-weighed 9lbs 10oz/21 inches long!! One spoiled dog.
    kfitz responded:
    DD#2 does that when she is overly tired. I try to stick to the schedule and have her nap at the same time as DD#1. She can never get to sleep if she is too tired so I put her down about 4 hours after she wakes up and she usually naps for at least an hour.
    EMB2006 replied to kfitz's response:
    I keep him on a schedule so he usually naps about the same time every day (usually only 30 minutes/sometimes an hour) but still fights them. He usually takes two morning naps & one afternoon nap. He sleeps from 8:30/9:00/9:30pm to 6:00/6:30/7:00am usually only stirring once or twice during the night so I know he's getting enough sleep at night. He doesn't have a fever, not sick (other than a little nasal congestion). I know he's not fighting for any other reason than sleep b/c when he finally gives up he goes to sleep. Not sure what to think other than it's just teething.
    Erin (24), DH (24), first baby-Lucas-born July 26, 2010-weighed 9lbs 10oz/21 inches long!! One spoiled dog.
    EMB2006 replied to EMB2006's response:
    Forgot to mention that the main reason I'm inquiring about this is that he's a very good baby & does not fuss very much-even when he's been sick he's still a great baby! When he's awake he's not fussy or whining (except when he's hungry LOL) so this has just hit us unexpectedly & I'm just looking for comfort I guess in knowing it's probably just teething....
    Erin (24), DH (24), first baby-Lucas-born July 26, 2010-weighed 9lbs 10oz/21 inches long!! One spoiled dog.
    kfitz replied to EMB2006's response:
    Maybe you could try soothing music or a radio tuned to white noise? I have heard both of those seem to help babies sleep. Or maybe a mobile? I heard the fisher price ocean wonders one is pretty good since it projects onto the ceiling.
    EMB2006 replied to kfitz's response:
    He has a seahorse that plays music & a puppy dog that he sleeps with & has music playing in the background all the time. I think it's just teething. He's been a little better today!! Thanks for the advice!!
    Erin (24), DH (24), first baby-Lucas-born July 26, 2010-weighed 9lbs 10oz/21 inches long!! One spoiled dog.
    yip79 replied to EMB2006's response:
    I am so going through the same thing with 6 1/2 month old baby boy. Our going to bed time is the same 830/900/930 and the wake-up 600/630/700. I want to say the last week or two he is not napping as well, and bedtime almost refuses to let himself fall asleep! He seems like he doesn't want to let himself fall asleep. He is ready to sleep because he starts to rub the eyes,fuzziess and then starts moving arms and legs like he is trying to keep himself awake. If you get any advice that helps please pass it onto me.(also the wake time is no longer 6-7 we are now between 4-6am) I was thinking and hoping it is teething but he doesn't have any yet. good luck hopefully we both can find something that works asap!

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