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Diapers - Poll
MartinaWilliams posted:
I wish I had more information about diapers when I was pregnant. Now I am scrambling to find a diaper that doesnt leak, fits well and is best for my baby.

So I'm going to try to start a poll on this board, hopefully new moms can look at this and get an idea of what to or not to buy.

Age of little one:

Size diaper LO is currently using:

Brand of diaper your currently using:

Worst diaper you've ever tried:

Any advice:
Me (20), Bf (48) and DD,lilja born Nov.30.2010
MartinaWilliams responded:
I'll start it off.

Age: 12 weeks

Size: just got into size 2

Brand: Pampers

Worst: There was a store brand here called Chuckies. OMG they were horrible, I didnt even finish using them because they leaked so much and would have to change her clothes numerous times for the day (which is frustrating to me).

Advice: The best diapers i bought was the newborn huggies, they fit great and never had a leak. They were a bit more expensive than the store brand i bought but it was worth the money.
Me (20), Bf (48) and DD,lilja born Nov.30.2010
StarryGrrl responded:
Great idea Martina!

Age of little one: 2 1/2 weeks

Size diaper LO is currently using: Newborn

Brand of diaper your currently using: Huggies

Worst diaper you've ever tried: The Safeway store brand

Any advice: The newborn Huggies have the line down the middle that turns color when wet like the ones they use in the hospital. I haven't been able to find any others in the store that have that line. Also, the umbilical cord/belly button cut out on Huggies is better than on Pampers IMO.
sarah0323 responded:
Age of little one: 3 months

Size diaper LO is currently using: 1-2

Brand of diaper your currently using: Huggies

Worst diaper you've ever tried:

Any advice: As soon as my LO gets big enough I will switch her to the Sam's brand diapers. I have used the Sam's brand with my other children and they have worked fine. They don't leak and are cheaper. It really is a trial and error process. What will work for one LO won't work for the next. All of my LO's are allergic to Pampers. This was before they changed to DryMax though. I know that when you are PG a lot of people stock up on them but I never did b/c I didn't know what would work for my child and I didn't want a lot of diapers that I couldn't use.
Sarah 32, SO 32, DD1 11, DS1 7, DS2 4, DS3 3, DD2 3 months
momtobegrunden responded:
Age of little one: 4.5 months

Size diaper LO is currently using: 3

Brand of diaper your currently using: Parent's Choice (Walmart) when I don't have coupons, Pampers BabyDry or Luvs when I have coupons for them

Worst diaper you've ever tried: I hate Huggies! I can see I'm the minority, though :) They've never worked for my boys. I also hated Parent's Choice when I had my first son, but they've made major improvements on them and they're now my go-to diaper

Any advice: Diapers are a trial and error type of thing. One diaper may work for one baby but not the other. You just have to test several out until you find the one that works!
Also, Buy your diapers from! You can join their mom club for free and get 15% off diapers. If you also join their suscribe and save program, you save another 15% and get free shipping. There's also a coupon in Parents magazine for 20% off your order. I got a HUGE box of Luvs (180 count,size 4) for $17 and it arrived the next day! I may never buy diapers at the store again...
Me(29). DH(40). DSD(15). DSS(9). DS1(2). DS2(10/6/10).
phoenix31674 responded:
age of little one: 4.5 months

Size diaper: 2 for a little bit longer

Brand: regular Huggies or regular Pampers. I've not found a difference in the Swaddlers from Pampers or the infant specific ones from Huggies other than you pay 5-10 cents more per diaper. I honestly buy whichever is cheapest. maybe the premium ones hold more liquid, I don't know.

Worst diaper: Don't have one as I never bought anything other than those two other than in an emergency had to get Exchange Select for DD once. They worked, but felt stiff, though unless you are US military affiliated, you can't get them. Tried Luvs once, they worked, but didn't like the way they felt.

any advice: Make sure the ruffles are pulled out of the leg elastic. The only time I've had leaks is when the ruffles got caught under the elastic unless one of the kids just peed more than the diaper could hold - which is rare. DS was peeing out his diaper until I figured out you need to point his wee-wee down. makes sense, but I didn't think about it since we had a girl first and I didn't really solicit much input from the hospital since I knew how to take care of an infant already.
ReneeErin responded:
5 months
size 2
We usually use Bumgenius Cloth but use Parents choice other times.
Pampers didn't work for Lily- rashes!
GermaphobeTeacher responded:
Age of little one: 9 weeks

Size diaper LO is currently using: 1 but almost ready for 2

Brand of diaper your currently using: Pampers Sensitive (For the person who said they couldn't find any with the stripe that turns color when wet, these have them.)

Worst diaper you've ever tried: Babies R Us brand (The fit is horrible and they are always coming undone.)

Any advice: I also buy from Amazon. With the amazon mom and subscribe and save you can get them for really cheap!
xtina04 responded:
Age: 7 months

Size: 3

Brand: Huggies

Worst: I had two diaper cakes and whatever diaper they used for both cakes (which were both two different brands). I just hated how they looked on her.

Advice: I've only purchased huggies. I like them b/c they can absorb a lot and she has not had a diaper rash from these diapers. I also get the huggies sensitive wipes too. I buy in bulk it saves on trips to the store.
EmiLiz; responded:
Age of little one: 10 months

Size diaper LO is currently using: One size cloth

Brand of diaper your currently using: Tiny Tush, Rumparoos & Fuzzi Buns

Worst diaper you've ever tried: n/a

Any advice: For those of you who are brave enough to want to try cloth diapers - The rumparoos are best when they are young and the stools are not formed yet since they have extra lining to catch it. Now that my baby's older though, I like the tiny tush and fuzzi buns better though. The one size has fit her the whole time which is really neat. We spent about $300 up front and no longer need to buy diapers. Yay!
(We also got a sprayer attached to our toilet so we didn't have to worry about how to rinse them out. It made it very simple and easy)
kfitz responded:
6 months and 18 months

size 2 and 3

Pampers and Huggies


So here's the deal. We always used pampers for DD#1, but I had bought some Huggies at Costco b/c they didn't have pampers. The thing I hate about them is that the diaper gets hard when it gets wet. The pampers don't so that. HOWEVER DD#1 will leak thru her pjs every night if she has a regular diaper on so we buy the Huggies overnights in the next size up (size 4) to prevent this from happening. I know they get hard, but its better than her sleeping in wet pjs every night. When people come to babysit we always have to wake her to change her diaper because we forget to tell them to use a different diaper.
angelce19 responded:
size 3
Huggies natural
Pampers dry
happymoe responded:
Age of little one: 7 months today

Size diaper LO is currently using: size 3 (Don't buy lots of 2's, they'll grow out of them very quickly and be in 3's forever.)

Brand of diaper your currently using: Pampers or Huggies

Worst diaper you've ever tried: Teddy's Choice

Any advice: I buy either Pampers or Huggies whichever are on sale. I prefer Huggies, but I was gifted a pile of pampers and they were on sale when I went, and now I'm ok with them. I find the Pampers feel damp even after one pee. They don't leak as per say, but they feel damp. The Huggies do get hard, as a previous poster said, but they absorb great. The Huggies are better for loose poos because of the catch pocket at the back. Every child is different, so no diaper will work for all.

Biggest piece of advice, is make sure the ruffles are all the way out to the sides no matter what diaper it is. =) My Mom changed a diaper and she shot poo out the side of it, but it was because she had a wedgie...... not the diapers fault lol.
Emma_WebMD_Staff responded:
Age of little one: My little girl just turned 1

Size diaper LO is currently using: 4

Brand of diaper your currently using: pampers

Worst diaper you've ever tried: generic ones when the store had run out

Any advice: not all diapers are made equally :)
fiannakyn replied to Emma_WebMD_Staff's response:
I like this poll. We're going to be adopting from the foster system within the year and I was actualy fretting what to stock sense we'll probably have less than 24 hr notice before placement and we're classified for ages newborn to 3 so we may get anything in that age range. I noticed a lot of changes in sizes quickly based on the above posts. which would explain the easy extrange at stores. I also made a note of the Amazon club for when we have a placement. I'll probably get a small pack each of every size just in case, and Huggies apparently is winning :P (I actualy use Huggies wipes for getting makeup off -my sister left a pack once and I discovered they work reallly well for my eyemakeup)

(personaly I know I was diapered with handmade cloth diapers 33 years ago :P I know for a fact on the cloth cause I still have the scar where my dad pined the diaper TO me once. It was an accident and he still is scared to safty pin anything near anyone else)

my sister swears by Huggies too.
Vicky DH (34) Starting Foster to adopt training on March 28th with an placement estemated by december 2011. Lurking for research :)

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