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Sing Sing A Song, Make It Simple To Last The Whole Day Long
Emma_WebMD_Staff posted:
We all know that talking and cuddling our newborns is beneficial to them. Hearing your voice and feeling your touch is soothing. Do you sing to your little one? What lullabies are your favorite? Which ones do you find yourself singing to your baby on a regular basis?

I love Elmo's song and You Are My Sunshine, these are often sung to my young children and infants.
tothebeach4 responded:
Everything has become a song in our house. From putting on our shoes to getting in the tub... we make up songs on a daily basis and our son absolutely loves it. I'm sure he thinks we're crazy... funny, yes, but definitely crazy 8P

As far as traditional lullabies and nursery rhymes, The Itsy, Bitsy Spider is absolutely, hands down one of his favorites. He loves all the hand motions that go with the song.
kfitz responded:
I sing rock-a-bye baby to my 6 month old. No matter how upset she is it almost always works. I also use a different version that isn't so depressing.
eliguns841984 responded:
this is going to sound nuts, but I've always sang "Copacabana" by Barry Manilow to my kids. Obviously this is more of a fun song that I sing while holding their hands and moving them around, but DS LOVED it as a baby and DS2 so far loves it as well. Both of them laugh(ed) and giggle(d) when I sing that song. "Her name was Lola, she was a showgirl..." LOL
Emma_WebMD_Staff replied to tothebeach4's response:
Hi Tothebeach4,

Funny the Itsy, Bitsy Spider is our car ride song, when she is upset about being in the car we sing that. Of course I have to rely on others in the car to do the hand motions if I am driving but still. As soon as it starts she stops her fussing :).

I love that everything is a song at your house, it will make for very good memories for him when he is older :).

Take care,
Emma_WebMD_Staff replied to kfitz's response:
Hi Kfitz,

Rock-a-bye baby was the song my grandma sang to all us grandchildren. I have very fond memories of it. Although yes the ending is a bit traumatic if you sing it the way our grandma's did. How do you change the verse? I'd be interested in hearing it, maybe I can change it up a bit too!
Emma_WebMD_Staff replied to eliguns841984's response:
HI Eliguns841984,

Funny how some songs just stick, I love that your little ones love it so much!

Now you have that song in my head :). Earworms are amazing!

Take care,
sdadkin responded:
We sing "Jesus Loves Me" and "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" every night before bedtime. Mostly because when I first started the routine with my DS those were the only songs I could remember all of the lyrics to! Lol.
Emma_WebMD_Staff replied to sdadkin's response:
Hi Sdadkin,

I truly believe it isn't what you sing it's that you are singing. Baby's love even those parents who really can't sing. It's just hearing your voice, and both of these are good songs too. I sometimes will sing other words to twinkle twinkle little star when we are getting our bath. It's just the singing part I find babies like!

I am really glad I asked this question this week, I love singing to my babies, and I love to hear that other moms do too!

Take care,
EmiLiz; responded:
I sing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" all the time to put my daughter to sleep. It was the only one I could remember right after having her and it just stuck. Then I made up a song that spells out her name since it's a long one. I figure we should get started now on learning how to spell it (she's only 10 months - haha).
Emma_WebMD_Staff replied to EmiLiz;'s response:
Hi Emiliz,

I think Twinkle Twinkle Little Star is a fairly common one to sing to our little ones! I love the creativity you have for teaching her young to spell her name :).

Take care,
HaveFaith1224 responded:
we sing to our DS all the time! Sometimes we'll use the melody to a children's song and change the words other times we'll use regular songs. For instance, my DS loves his mobile, which plays the tune of lullaby. My DH has changed the words and sings "Stinky man" to our son while he's changing his diaper! DS loves it! I sink Queen's bicycle song to him while we're doing bicycle leg exercises! I sing the chorus to You're amazing to DS at night and always get a smile. He also likes Old McDonald and Twinkle Twinkle Little star. It's fun having a little one!
kfitz replied to Emma_WebMD_Staff's response:
Here's my version:

Rock-a-bye baby, mommy's sweetheart
When the moon glows, baby will rock
When the dawn breaks, may light from above
Shine down upon baby, cradled in love

Since baby has two syllables and so does DD#2's name I replace it with her name (Avery).

A much more loving version if you ask me.
Emma_WebMD_Staff replied to kfitz's response:
I agree, Kfitz, much nicer version. Thanks for sharing!

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