breastfeeding pain under my arms. Please help!
cowgirldiva1 posted:
I am just wondering if anyone else has had this problem. When I breastfeed, there is pain (not severe yet) underneath my arm pit. So that when the baby is sucking, you feel a tugging and pain underneath the arm pit. It is more noticeable on the rightside but is mild on the left. Anybody have any thoughts? Thank you soo much!
osamuel08 responded:
Just seeing this but needed to ask a few ?'s first. Any tenderness from the outside, red or warm spots or lumps? If so it could be a blocked or infected duct. If you have a temp, call your doc right away, they will get you meds. If not the first thing to try is to massage it while the baby nurses on that side as to loosen the lump (if their is one). Also if their is a lump try staring with that side more often then not, it should help work it out too. The other thing I've found very helpful are Thermacare heatwraps, the small neck size. I actually apply (they have adhesive) one to the outside of my breast/extending to the underarm. I find for this problem heat aids more then ice. Just my two cents since I've bf both my boys for a year. Also, my problems were always under the arm, not the actual ta-ta's!
Good Luck and I hope you are feeling better soon!
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cowgirldiva1 replied to osamuel08's response:
Thanks for the post! In answer to your question I do not have any red,warm spots or lumps from the outside. But I am going to try the thermacare patches. I actually have those! I will see if that works over the weekend. Thanks again for sharing, I really appreciate it!
Guinnessstout replied to cowgirldiva1's response:
My only thought, other than blocked ducts, would be that you could be feeling your let down sensation. If you had a blocked duct, you would feel a lump. Definately watch out for a high fever and flu like symptoms which indicate mastitis. I had a blocked duct that caused a low grade fever but it went away after a half day of using a heat pack.

I use the thermacare heat wraps too... they are awesome.

Good luck!
Emma_WebMD_Staff responded:
Hi Cowgirldiva1,

I am so sorry you are suffering with this sort of pain. I am not sure if you know that we do have a Breastfeeding Support Group Community, as well. If you were looking for some additionally support while you are nursing your little one.

We do have a short video on Breastfeeding Pain and Problems that might help you. I'd recommend if you haven't yet, talking to your doctor or your lactation consultant to find out if they can help you.

Please come back and let us know how you are doing and give us updates on your little one!

Take care,