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5 month old infant cough and sneezing
cgotzeff posted:
As far as I know my great-niece Riley does not have allergies. She is coughing and sneezing, but no fever. Is there something I can get from the drug store for her or should I contact her doctor. My Niece Heather and Nephew Ron are out of town and I am babysitting until Tuesday.
kmcarnag responded:
Unfortuneately, there's nothing from the drugstore that is recommended for infants that young. we did det little noses nasal decongestant for our son, and that seemed to help stuffy-ness, but probably wouldn't do much for coughing and sneezing. The doctor might be able to prescribe something, but will probably tell you to run a humidifier, prop up the end of her bed, and make sure she is drinking enough fluids (formula or breastmilk at this age). I usually don't prop up the bed because my kids spin around by 5 mo and end up with their heads down, which makes it worse.

It is probably just a cold that she will need a few days to get over. Both my kids seem to get over colds quickly, so you could actually almost be done with it.

I'm with you for the allergies...5 months old is too young to have developed them yet. You have to be exposed 2 separate times to develop allergies. This time next year she could be developing allergies. For now, she probably just has a cold.

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