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Mixing Formula
An_204616 posted:
I've got a 1 month old who is gasey/fussy baby. I've got her on similac advanced right now. I'm curious if I mixed the similac advanced with similac sensitive for gas/fussy. if that would be okay?(1 scoop advanced 1 scoop sensitive for 4 oz bottle) or should i do one and not the other. my peditrician said if she got too gasey to give her a bottle of 2 oz warm water with 1 teaspoon of brown sugar. I've been told that babies should not have water under the age of 6 months, is that true?
rhendey responded:
I just went to the Dr yesterday for consipation issues with lo. She had me switch to Gentlease. I was giving the similac sensitive. I wouldnt combine the two. Just give one or other. Im not sure about the brown sugar but pedi told me to try dark karo syrup. Just a small amount mixed in the bottle. My lo is 3 mo though so I would check with your pedi
jadedstar responded:
it is perfectly ok to mix one scoop of each kind...when we changed my lil ones formula the peds told me to mix it half and half with the old kind so his tummy could adjust to the difference he is slowly graduating to the nutrimengen for colic from the enfamil gentleease for gassy babies so just in case this first switch doesn't work dont give up my lil one started on similac and has been on4 formulas now the new ones will work for a while then we switch it up when it don't anymore so far we keep doing the half n half of these last two its great
Jaded (33) DD Anlea Jade(7) DS Eli Rain(3months) ~single mom and I love it~ They are my angels, my lil blessings from Heaven~
Dan Brennan, MD responded:
Hi Anon

SO sorry you are experiencing the fussy/gassy stage.

The good news is that 4-6 weeks is generally the gassiest/fussiest stage for your newborn and things should start to look up at the 6 week mark.

In my experience, jumping from formula to formula at this stage is unnecessary (and frustrating) unless we are dealing with a milk protein intolerance and need to switch to a hypoallergenic formula.

It is hard to see your baby fussy, but hang in there. Most babies this age get fussier in the late afternoon/early evening - commonly referred to as the witching hour.

Hold, wear or rock your baby if that helps. Tummy massage can also be helpful.

It's always a good idea to consult with your doc as well.

Hope that helps,

Dr. Dan
Kay_And responded:
We had the same problem with similac advanced. we switched to similac sensitive for fussiness and gas and within a week we had a brand new baby. MUCH HAPPIER. I wouldn't switch them, because you will not get the benifiets from the sensitive, your baby will continue to be gasey and fussy due to the advanced.

I wouldn't do the brown sugar thing...just seems odd and rediculous. old wives tale with no medical evidence...KWIM? Also, it is true that too much water can cause harm to a newborn....if you give water in-place of formula/breastmilk.
jadedstar replied to Kay_And's response:
we only mixxed the two formuals for about a 5 days to get him to adjust he has issues with anything new in his tummy...we are completely on the nutrimengen now nad its wonderful he isnt fussy now and has virtually no spit up for 3 days now woohoo
Jaded (33) DD Anlea Jade(7) DS Eli Rain(3months) ~single mom and I love it~ They are my angels, my lil blessings from Heaven~
jlbwondering35 replied to Dan Brennan, MD's response:
You're not kidding about the fussy phase!!! I took my LO to the Dr last week at 6 weeks 2 days b/c he's was soooo fussy for the past several weeks. Then all of a sudden by the next day...POOF new baby!!!! We have him on similac sensitive and he hit that magic week!

Anon, I hope your LO's tummy settles down...the fussy phase will end! GL!

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