why does my baby head sweat?
angelce19 posted:
my baby girl is 9 months 2 weeks and especially when she sleeps her hair gets so wet from sweat . I did mentioned this to her pediatrician bc it has been happening since she was baby , she said is nothing to worry about. I just want to know if anyone else has the same issue. Thanks
ssteinbuch0048 responded:
I would agree with her pediatrician. My oldest DD was like that. She still sweats a lot when she sleeps and she is 13. She just may be a little more warm blooded. Lighter pj's or a lighter blanket may help reduce some of the sweating. I tended to dress my children lighter because I tend to run a little on the warm side, and as far as I know they say you should dress your LO's as you would dress yourself. HTH
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hmj5678 replied to ssteinbuch0048's response:
My 4 year old sweats like crazy and always has. Her hair is soaking wet when I go check on her. She sleeps in panties many nights with a light comforter. Just her nature. She was this way as a baby as well.