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Hates burping..
Demeli posted:
I have a 3 month old that almost every time i try to burp him he'll start crying like he's TOTALLY pissed i stopped giving him he knows when i start to put him back on the pillow that he knows the formula will start coming. Does anyone's LO do this? I mean it doesn't worry me because i know he just wants the milk but he sounds like he's in pain! He burps quite well and i only burp him 2-3 times for a 5oz bottle. And he's so strong and pissed during burping that he almost stands up and i hardly have time to pat his back and he just ends up burping on his I know every baby is different but how often do you burp your baby?
lakegirl03 responded:
I was told by the nurse not to take the bottle away to burp. When he stops sucking, even for an instant, to take the bottle away and burp him. However, at two months he would drink the whole thing without stopping. He's a piglet! He also started throwing a fit when I would try and burp him at those intervals. I don't know if you use a pacifier, but I replace the bottle with the pacifier to satisfy his sucking while burping him. Works for him and no crying!
GermaphobeTeacher responded:
My daughter just turned four months, but she started doing that same thing at around 3 months. She will not let me burp her in the middle of a feeding (she pushes away from me and screams), so I don't. I usually burp her at the end of a feeding, but she is to the point where she usually gets the burps out on her own during her regular activity. It always seemed really silly to me to burp a baby multiple times a feeding unless you know they are taking in lots of air. In my opinion, you know best what works for your baby and what doesn't. If he isn't really gassy or having problems from it, I wouldn't worry about burping him so many times.
phoenix31674 responded:
I breastfeed, but would wait until he was done with the breast before burping him. Now he just burps on his own if you let him sit up a couple of minutes (he's 7 months). Taking food away when they aren't ready will only make them upset.
kay_kay75 replied to phoenix31674's response:
My daughter is breastfed as well, now she gets angry if you take her away from the breast even if you are switching and you stop to burp her, she gets angry so now she is so funny that she will be feeding and she burps on the breast, the first time it happened I was worried that something was wrong but now it happens with every feeding so I just let it go, as long as she isn't in pain and it isn't causing any problems then we are good is the way I feel about it

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