*^*May Celebrations*^*
Emma_WebMD_Staff posted:
The Balloons and streamers are out! The food looks wonderful! The cake is amazing!

Let's Party!

First Happy Mother's Day on May 8th, to everyone!

Happy Birthday!
  • To Wendy12345678's LO #2 this past May 4th
  • To Sarah0323's DD #1 on May 7th
  • To Demeli DS #1 on May 15th
  • To Mesha84 DS on May 28
  • To Cshyronia's LO on May 31 15 years old
Happy Anniversary!
  • To Demeli Annivesary on May 17
  • To Phoenix31674 anniversary on May 26
  • To Kay_kay75 Anniversary on May 30

Come make a plate, grab some cake, pull up a seat by the pool and lets Celebrate!

While you are sitting here enjoying the party, tell me your favorite memory from a childhood birthday party of your own!

Please remember while we love having you on our Baby's First Year Community. We do have a great 1 year old Parenting community (http://exchanges.webmd.com/parenting-1-year-olds-exchange), if your little one is turning 1 soon. I'd love to see you over there too!
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