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Lindsay2022 posted:
My son is 10 months old, and does a few weird things.
1. He pushes so hard (when he's NOT pooping), that his face turns almost purple. Why is he doing this?

2. He throws his head back in a rant when i remove one of his toys, or not allow him to play with something he shouldnt. WHY?
Sara DuMond, MD, FAAP responded:
Hi Lindsay,
Oh, the joys of temper tantrums! Sounds like your son is having what's called "breath-holding spells" - a common (and normal) form of temper tantrums in young children. Essentially, when children are particularly strong-willed, they will sometimes willingly hold their breath and/or bear down strongly, in protest of whatever injustice they feel is being done to them. It could be removing a toy, buckling them in their carseat, not letting them grab something off of a store shelf - you name it, just about anything can trigger them. (If I sound like I speak from experience, it's no coincidence, by the way!) Some breath-holding spells can be so severe that the children actually hold their breath to the point of passing out. Believe it or not, these black-out spells aren't dangerous, although they are certainly quite shocking to the parent on the receiving end of them! The take-home message, is that it is nothing to be worried about. I'm hoping some other parents might chime in here and offer support if they've experienced similar things with their own children. It always helps to know that you're not alone!
Dr. DuMond
Wendy12345678 responded:
LOL, as if we're not good enough at finding things to worry about our kids have to offer up more. I had a an who'd brother had a scare on his head, because as a toddler when he'd get mad he'd bang his head against everything, and ended up busting it on the driveway during a freak out. I'm on my 3rd boy and allthough I worry far to much, emotional outbursts don't bother me as they use to. Hopefully you can get some reassurance that its just a tantrum, and let it roll off your back.
cshyronia responded:
my 4month old son was taking a bath last night he was sucking on his washcloth when i took it so i could wash him. he kicked his legs and started crying when i gave it back he stop. idid that like 3 times. i realized he was really throwing his first tantrum

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