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natural eczema treatments
sweetbaby82 posted:
I just found out that my baby has eczema. It has flared up pretty bad and we are using a steroid cream. I would prefer not to use this cream in the future if the exzema is just mild. Does anyone have any suggestions about natural preventitives that might help us avoid the cortisone?
Baby Boy born 9/8/10! 4 pounds 13 ounces
GermaphobeTeacher responded:
We have found that Dr. Bourdeaux's Baby Kisses works really well on mild eczema, and it has natural ingredients. There are no harsh chemicals or medicines. It is designed for chapped lips and skin on babies, but it works great on my daughter's mild eczema. The doctor even commented on how good her skin looked at her last appointment. We used the medicated cream when hers was really bad, but this works great for us now.
Dan Brennan, MD responded:

So sorry to hear about the eczema. The good news is that if it is mild, there are a few things you can do to help keep it in check.

The key to managing eczema is to keep the skin well moisturized. I generally recommend using only fragrance-free/hypoallergenic sking products including soaps, lotions, detergents, etc.

If you moisturize several times a day and especially after a bath, you can really help prevent flare ups.

Once you spot a flare up - usually redness or see scratching, the key thing is to do something to stop the scratching as soon as possible to keep it from really flaring. As much as I understand the hesitancy of using a steroid cream, I will tell you that using a little bit really early on can help you prevent a bigger flare up and minimize the amount/dutation of steroid cream use.

Hope that helps,

Dr. Dan
mommyNtraining replied to Dan Brennan, MD's response:
im glad this was posted. my baby has it pretty bad. its just now clearing up after being flared up for almost a month. her's was weeping.. poor thing.

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