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Spot on my baby's face
Hatteras3 posted:
My son is 9 months old and has had a red spot on his face for going on 3 months now. It is not really raised but feels hard almost like a clogged pore. What could it be? I asked the Dr and she said to just watch it and bring him in if it got any larger or started to blister up. I am a little concerned.

Megkate3 responded:
My daughter had a hemangioma on her face above her lip. Did they doctor mention that as a possibility? It is just a strawberry birthmark and don't typically require treatment. My DD's did because of the placement, but ordinarily they grow for 6-12 months and then start to go away. It varies from child to child, but it sounds like it could be the same thing.
Amelia_WebMD_Staff responded:
Welcome to the community, Carla!

I wouldn't worry too much, as the doctor suggested and Megkate. This may very well be something that goes away, though you definitely should call your doctor if your little one seems to be irritated, itching or the site seems to change.

Here is a great overview of Red Birthmarks, Hemangiomas and Your Skin that describes the different birthmarks and hemoangiomas that can be found. Hopefully, the info. will help you to ask your pediatrician about your concerns and settle your worries. Take care of you and your sweet little girl!
peachyisthelife responded:
My 2yo has had an hemangioma since birth (well it came a few weeks after birth). I don't remember it being hard, though, like you're describing with your boy. And from what I understand, hemangiomas are either present at birth or appear soon after within a few weeks or so. Not saying that's not what he has, but just wanted to share my experiences with them. Good luck finding out what it is.
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MammaD74 replied to Megkate3's response:
Hi megkate3 I have this problem with my 2 yer old is there a way you can post pics so I can see if its the same thing I'm so worried

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