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Postpartum questions
MNMommy3 posted:
So I'm 5 months postpartum now and I'm noticing that my hair is falling out in massive amounts! I haven't noticed any bald spots, but I have noticed it has thinned out A LOT, and I usually have very thick hair. However, this past weekend, my mom did say she saw bald spots. I'm not sure if this is related or not, but I also sweat horrible at night. If the fan is directly blowing at me while I'm sleeping, and sometimes even if it is, I wake up COVERED in sweat. My hair will be drenched, my nursing bra and the top half of my shirt. So drenched that I get itchy. I know both of these things can be common, in moderation, after giving birth, but I'm 5 months postpartum and it seems extremely excessive. Is this something I should get checked out, like a thyroid problem, or is it pretty normal?
Kelly (32), DF (31), DS (12), DS (6), DD (4 months)
alaska_mommy responded:
You could get it checked out, just to be sure. I did have the hair thing, not to the point that I was worried about bald spots. But I noticed a significant amount of hair loss for oh, IDK, maybe a month. About the night sweats, I did not have that happen. I usually am colder than my hubby at night, and I think I remember being warmer than usual, to where I was comfortable in his temperature range vs. feeling cold. But never did I wake up soaked in sweat. Keep in mind though, I gave birth in January in Alaska. Average temps were around 15 degrees outside. So, that might have factored in! Is it very warm where you are?
StarryGrrl responded:
I don't know about the sweating, but I do know that is super common for a woman to have excess hair fall out between 3-6 months post-partum. I had it with both kids and I kinda freaked out the first time. Turns out it is just one of those not fun side effects of hormones doing their thing after giving birth. I've read that it can take up to a year for your body to get back to normal,. Your sweating is probably hormone related too, but it wouldn't hurt to contact your dr.
MNMommy3 replied to alaska_mommy's response:
Well, I'm in Minnesota, so not much warmer here, and I also gave birth in January. Hopefully the hair will slow down a bit. Like I said, I have super thick hair to begin with so I really haven't noticed bald spots, per say, it's just thinner than usual. But the amounts that come out in the shower and every time I run my fingers through my hair is crazy!!
Kelly (32), DF (31), DS (12), DS (6), DD (4 months)
ssteinbuch0048 responded:
I would agree and say that the "hair loss" is completely related. I had read that when you are pregnant your hair does not fall out, and that after you give birth (usually around 3-6 months as the pp stated) those hairs that you should have lost start to fall out. I had the same thing happen with after my last DD was born. I did notice some VERY thin areas, but it all grew back in. I am hoping it doesn't happen this time.

As for the sweating, I live in Wisconsin and have been particularily warm and sweating(heavy like you) this time around. While I can't say for sure that it is related, I have chalked it up to postpartum symptoms. I did have my tubes tied though, so not sure if that is related or not. If you are concerned though you should contact your doctor. It never hurts to put a call in and ease your mind, heck it's free to call.
Stacy (31), DH (32), DD-Paige Aspen (13), DD-Pearl Madison (11), DS-Alexander Gregory (3 months)
Kay_And responded:
I had excessive hair loss. I am 8 months post-partum and it is just now letting up finally.

I did sweat alot and get hot flashes the following weeks after I delivered but not this long after.

Hope you find a solution.
cshyronia responded:
I had my baby 1-26-11 . It's my third. my hair got thick none has fell out. But i have sweating with every child and i think its worse with this one. I live in Nebraska so 15 degree weather in January is a nice day.

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