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found out i am 6 weeks pregnant and have been smoking marijuana/ciggs
An_204640 posted:

I am normally a non-cigarette smoker. However, I had about 10 days where I was smoking "spliffs" with my friends (there was a wedding...blah blah blah) and now I find out I am 6 weeks pregnant! So there were at least 10 days where I was smoking tobacco (more worried about this than the pot to be honest) about 2-3x a day (2-3 spliffs, not like pack or anything) which would have been in my 3-5 weeks time..somewhere in there. I am very scared that I could have done damage to my baby in a crucial development stage. I have stopped completely now and otherwise am very healthy...exercise, diet and lifestyle are all good. Is it likely that a 10 day period at that amount would have caused damage? Thanks in advance.
candacegray responded:
My first couple of pregnancies were before all the dangers of smoking and drinking became an issue. All my children came out just fine. I even did alot worse drugs than pot and all these things were done throughout my pregnancy. Please don't worry to much. My child that got the worst of these things just happens to be the most intelligent of all of them.
MartinaWilliams replied to candacegray's response:
I didnt do drugs but I did smoke and drink, not excessively but more than required for a pregnant person. When i found out I was pregnant I was a pack a day smoker. It took a long time, probably 6 months of my pregnancy to completely stop. My DD is very healthy, normal and very active. Dont worry so much about it (although i know u cant help it). GL :)
Me (20), Bf (48) and DD,lilja born Nov.30.2010 . We Live in Jamaica for now :)

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