Will my vagina ever be the same?!
heat4heather posted:
I finally got the courage to use a mirror and have a look down there... will it ever look the same??

I am sure it will "work" just fine, but it was strange to see it look different after all these years of looking a certain way.

Weird question, I know, but thanks for replying :)
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An_204641 responded:
It most likely will never look quite the same, especially if you had to have any stitches. I was worried that they had screwed something up the first time I was brave enough to look because everything looked so different. As long as everything is "working" fine, I wouldn't worry about it. It's just another fun part of having children.
bcfrost816 replied to An_204641's response:
I don't believe that I've ever actually looked at my vagina, lol. Or at least not enough to know that it looks differant, lol
Kay_And responded:
I am 8 months post partum and finally looked down there actually last night....it doesn't look the same as I remember. :( It still works though lol. Sometimes better.
Kay_And replied to Kay_And's response:
...oh and i forgot to mention...I had extensive tearing and stitches.
cshyronia responded:
With my first i had 168 stitches. It has bee 15 yrs and i think it looks normal.