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need a little help!
mom2laurenmckenna posted:

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My dh does no noticeable child duties. He plays w our lo for an hour or so, if he's not working late, but the other 23 + hours are my responsibility and have been since day one. I'm getting worn out. What about you?
  • my dh does >1 %, too
  • my dh does about 25%
  • we split it 50/50
  • i only do about 25%
  • i leave almost all of it to dh
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chaquita1230 responded:
Mine does about 10%. But he works, and i don't so this is my job. When i go back to work he will do a lil more. plus the baby is now on a resemblence of a schedule so it will make it easier for dh to get more involved. but yes, i am worn out too and ready to get some adult interaction. sometimes we just need to specifically verbalize our needs. Such as today, i said "I am going bonkers,i need my friends, i need a glass of wine, so I am going out for 2hrs." and he doesn't say much, just step up and tell him i need you to take the baby for a walk or over to your parents or whatever. don't be vague, just ask for specifics, hth
MartinaWilliams responded:
I do EVERYTHING because he works 12hrs a day including saturdays. I doubt he even knows where the diaper, diaper cream and clothes are hehe. Although when he comes home I get a break but thats it. I have no one here that I could call and ask to keep her so I can take a break so I am also worn but luckily she sleeps all night and is on a strict schedule. There are times on the weekends like on a sunday, he takes her and let me sleep in or sometimes I can get a break and go out and enjoy myself a little.Trust me sometimes its very nice to get a break.
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alb7585 replied to MartinaWilliams's response:
I can totally relate. I have my 3 year old and 8 week old and its so wearing. I breastfeed too and everytime I ask DF to give her a bottle it becomes a battle becasue she doesn't like them but sometimes I need the break. I have not gone ANYWHERE without her. And I love her and it but if I don't get a break from her soon for longer than the amount of time to shower when he's home I am going to be devasted in a month when I go back to work. Then there are days like today when I am busting it around the house to clean, she's crying, DS is throwing toys around, and DF is sitting ont he couch, reading with his headphones on to block out the noise. Ummm ... hello? Some help would be nice.

Ok sorry this turned into my own rant....
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alaska_mommy responded:
Yup, in the same boat here. I stay at home while DH works full time. Plays with DS for a little while, zones out in front of the computer a little while, dinner (which I usually make, and always feed our son), then later bed.
When he's off from work he helps me keep an eye on the rugrat but I still do all diapering, feeding, putting to bed, etc. I think he's changed about 10-20 diapers total since LO was born (he's 17 months now--and we use about 100 diapers a month, so you do the math!).
It sucks, but unless DH is willing to do more, we ladies have to just kind of suck it up I guess. *sigh* it's not always fun, but, eyes on the prize I guess!
Good luck!
mom2laurenmckenna replied to alb7585's response:
So with you girlfriend. I watch my friend's daughter 40 hours a week. She's 3 1/2. Last night DD fell asleep per normal. Dh went to watch TV right after dinner. I as up till 1 getting ready for a yard sale today that DD and I are running alone. She was up @ 3 for over an hour -teething. Dh response, go to the guest room to sleep. Rants always allowed, in my book!

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