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Baby has bump or protruding forhead
lynnietx23 posted:
I just noticed a couple of days ago that my DD has a bump on her forhead. You do not notice it when you look at her but when I felt her forhead I could feel it raised and this bump went vertical from the middle of her forhead up in to her hairline. She has not had any head injuries, falls, etc. She has not acted any differently, no delays in her development (she is 6 1/2 months old). I'm not sure if I should take her to her pediatrician or if i should take her to the children's hospital ER. The only reason I was debating the ER is because they might immediately do a scan or something...this is not somethign they can do at the pediatrician...UGH what to do.
sweetbaby82 responded:
I would for sure call her doctor, especially since its a holiday weekend and Monday the doctor will be closed. It may be nothing, but its always better to get it checked out so you dont have to worry. Keep us updated!
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eliguns841984 responded:
is it in the middle of her forehead, or more to one side? I ask because my cousin's little boy had torticollis as a baby, and if torticollis goes uncorrected, the face starts to protrude further on the opposite side from where the baby usually lies. He was treated with physical therapy and a helmet, but because they caught it so late his face never fully recovered. It still protrudes further on one side (he just turned 2). This may not be the cause at all, but I thought it might be worth mentioning.
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eliguns841984 replied to eliguns841984's response:
oh, I just realized you DID say it was in the middle of her forehead! Never mind!
Noel (26) DH (32) J.T. (7/23/2008) and Abram (11/08/2010)

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