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Sleeping through the night and milk production
carolinasu8 posted:
Ok so last night my sweet baby boy ate at 9:30 and we didn't get up to eat again until 8:30. I've been mostly bottle-feeding him breastmilk that I've pumped. I pumped at 9:00 and wasn't able to pump again until 9:00 am. When I woke up of course my breasts were filled with milk, it was very very painful and irritating and I felt like I rushed us through the waking/changing/feeding that I usually take slow and enjoy with him. What's the solution to this? Do I have to wake up at some point in the night and pump and go back to sleep? What have y'all done? Thanks!!
alb7585 responded:
DD does this to me from time to time. I usually wake up when I hear her early waking cues and when I am HUGE with milk I pump it off. Then I can go change her and feed her. She is on the breast only so I have enough milk AFTER pumping for her to still nurse. The other solution is your body is a supply-demand system so the longer your DS sleeps at night the less milk you will make overnight so this problem will ease. It depends on how your supply is ... at least in my opinion
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Guinnessstout replied to alb7585's response:
The PP is correct. Your supply should adjust. At about 7 months old, my DD started sleeping from 8:00-6:00. This lasted for about a month before she went back to waking up 1-2 times per night. And my supply has adjusted quite nicely from sleeping through the night back to night nursing.
mom2laurenmckenna responded:
My DD also abruptly began sleeping all night. She had previously awakened 3-5 times pernight to bf. The first couple of days were uncomfortable, but production adjusted quickly. Its now been about 2 months and I haven't woken up overfilled in weeks. You may want to wear breast pads for awhile if you're not already. Leakage was an issue for me. Now she's dropped a day feed and the same thing happened. GL!!
heat4heather responded:
Agree with the previous posters - your supply will self-regulate to what your baby is doing. This can be tough, when the sleep pattens are always changing!

If you are often waking up super engored, beware of plugged ducts/mastitis.
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carolinasu8 replied to heat4heather's response:
Thanks everyone!!! I do worry about them getting backed up or something. But I'll pump and massage them and the milk seems to kind of loosen up.

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