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One breast producing more milk
carolinasu8 posted:
My right breast can produce sometimes twice as much milk as my left one, I pump so I've been able to monitor it. Any suggestions on how to get the left to catch up? Or does it matter? They feel exactly the same, the right is not more swollen or full-feeling than the left. Thanks!
Guinnessstout responded:
It is really common for one breast to out-produce another. In my case, my left produces about a third more milk than the right. I've never been able to equal them out, and I haven't worried about it because I've been able to keep up with my little one. Unless it bothers you, it doesn't matter that one is a better producer. The biggest complaint moms have is the size difference this causes. It's pretty noticeable with me, but it doesn't bother me.

If you want to try to even them out has some good suggestions. The best thing to do is always start nursing from the slow side first and sometimes that can help. Or you can try nursing more frequently from that side. Often times, I think this decreases the supply on the high side.

I hope that helps. Good luck!
roni090909 responded:
Usually the breast over your heart produces more. This holds true for me. I wouldn't worry about evening it out.
MartinaWilliams responded:
My left breast is the smallest of the 2 and it produces way more milk than the bigger right one. Weird but its not that uncommon
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