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Constipation in a 6 week old.
shoxy posted:
My daughter was first on Enfamil Newborn which caused crazy gas issues, then we switched her to Enfamil Gentlease which gave her tummy aches, and is now on Enfamil Prosobee and having constipation. She is perfectly happy on the current Prosobee except she has pellet poop. I started adding 1oz of extra water to her bottles and it softens it back up but still has some "pellets". We took her to the doc b/c she had a tiny bit of blood in her stool and they said to keep up w/the water and try Glycerin suppositories. That's all fine and good but does anyone have a more perminant solution/ideas. I mean, I can't just give her suppositories for the rest of her babyhood...

Thanks in advance for any ideas! My poor girl's tushy greatly appreciates it and so do I!
mom2laurenmckenna responded:
We had some constipation issues and gave pear and pruine juice, diluted, of course. It really helped. Good luck
Olivetre responded:
When my daughter was constipated my doctor said I could use Karo Syrup. I put very little at first (half a teaspoon) in the bottle and shook it up to mix it to see how well it would work. It helped alot but I did have to use it for a period of time. If I stopped, a few weeks later I would have to start using it again. I did this until she was potty trained.
With DD2 I have been bf exclusively and have not had to suplement as I did with DD1. She is only a week old, so I will have to see how things go with her.
Olivetre replied to Olivetre's response:
I also used apple and prune juice in the early months. I used Karo once she was on more solid food (stage 3).
shoxy responded:
Ya, I have been thinking of trying the Karo Syrup idea. I had read about it online. Uhgg, It's so hard as a new mom to know what is "best" sometimes. But I'm leaning towards the Karo rather then suppositories. Thankyou all for the info and ideas. I definitely am more comfertable w/those options. ha.

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