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Poll... working mom vs SAHM
Anon_7315 posted:

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Just curious as far as how many of you are stay at home moms, vs full time working mom's, or part time.
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mom2laurenmckenna responded:
I am a combo of both. I work 40 hours a week, but I'm with my child all day. I watch a friend's daughter in their home for $, but get to be available for my girl to. It's a great arrangement!
Anon_7315 replied to mom2laurenmckenna's response:
Oh wow, you really do have the best of both worlds!!
ami_nix responded:
I am a full time working mom to a 3 month old son and I absolutely hate it.. I feel like I'm missing out on so much! And every day he's doing something new! I just try to enjoy the time I have with him and hope that I can stay home with my next one.
phoenix31674 responded:
We waited until later in life (after 30) to have kids, so we were lucky enough i could stay home with them. I would not trade it for anything. While DD (now 4) can drive me batty, I love being with her. And watching DS hit milestones is amazing. I couldn't imagine leaving him with anyone at this age (almost 10 months)
GermaphobeTeacher responded:
I always thought that I would be a working mom, but that all changed once my daughter was born. I couldn't bear the thought of leaving her with someone else for most of her waking hours, so my husband and I decided that I would stay home with our children until they reach school age and then I will get a job. It will be nice because I am a teacher, so I will have the same vacation times as them.
Demeli responded:
I work 2-3 days a week as a medical technologist in a hospital laboratory. I worked very hard for my degree and absolutely LOVE my job. But obviously I LOVE my kiddos too so working 2-3 days a week is perfect!!! They get to be around different kids and environment which I think is a good thing while I get to enjoy a couple of hours at work.
mommyNtraining replied to Demeli's response:
would love to be in ur boat, lucky!
hlove1988 responded:
I work full time, I would really love to stay home but my df has too much money taken out of his check to support us so we have it arranged where I work full time and he works on my days off so we dont have to put our babies in day care or with a babysitter its not ideal but it works for us for now, I also attended school full time when my first was 5 weeks old until she was 15 mo old and worked full time and getting ready to go back to school again but I managed to see all of my first dds milestones before anyone else, and managed to breast feed the whole time too kinda proud of myself for that one
nyoka4u responded:
I know I couldn't be a full time SAHM and completely applaud those who are. Don't get me wrong, I love my DD to death but sometimes I need semi adult conversation (I work in an adult prison). However, with the schedule I work and the schedule my husband works, she only goes to "school" aka daycare 2 days a week. She likes going because it's a home daycare with only about 6 kids total and she's the youngest so she's spoiled rotten. When she gets home we have special family time and then on the days he's off and I'm off we do things together. It's worked out really well.

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