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DS's md suggested over the counter cold meds.
Tiffany30189 posted:
I took DS to the md today and he said he def has something going on and would say it's a sinus issue with the color of the phlem. He said he wasn't ready for an antiviotic unless it gets darker in color in the next day or two. He said to get an over the counter cold med. DS is only 6 months old... I was so set back and didn't really register to ask which one because I thought all of them aren't safe for children that little... any thoughts or suggestions? I already put a call in to him asking for a suggested product.
Dan Brennan, MD responded:
Hi Tiffany

A few years ago, the FDA asked that parents not use over the counter cough and cold medications for children under 4 yrs of age.

In general, using things that help loosen up mucus can help your baby feel more comfortable.

This would include nasal saline, humidifier, warm bath...

Hope that helps.

Dr Dan
Tiffany30189 replied to Dan Brennan, MD's response:
I know that that's why I wondered why the pediatrician would tell me to use over the counter meds. When I called back he said to use mucinex and gave me the dosage. He also gave him a antibiotics. I have not given him mucinex but done all the above you suggested.... he does have respiretory issues and the md said to watch him closely. I hope he will be on the mend.
alaska_mommy replied to Tiffany30189's response:
That would really shock me too. I have never heard of that being recommended for babies so young...6 months??? I don't think that's a good idea at all. For the first several years all you can do is the water vapor and saline mist...I wouldn't buy this pedi's advice at all.

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