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When to give up on swaddling...
MadlyMaggieMae posted:
My daughter is 4 months old. She will still only sleep when she's swaddled. When should I worry about breaking her of it? She naps during the day without but if i try to put her down at night without she fusses and wakes herself up. I have a friend that says it's not good to swaddle them after 3 months... is this true or is it just her opinion? DD get's plenty of floor time and rolls both ways and plays with her hands, and is meet all her other milestones so I don't think the swaddling is holding her back or anything. Should I worry about breaking her of her swaddle blanket or let her have what makes her comfortable? And if not now.... when should I worry about breaking her of it?
Miss Cordelia Violet ~ Born 3/28/11 ~ 4 lbs 7 oz. 16 in. long.
Dan Brennan, MD responded:

Generally we like to be done with swaddling around 6 months of age. I don't think you have to worry about the swaddling holding her back, but the sooner she learns to fall asleep without the assistance of the swaddle - the sooner she'll be an independent sleeper.

Hope that helps.

Dr Dan
Demeli responded:
I swaddled my first DS until 7 months but with my second DS its a different story. No matter how tight I got the swaddle he'd be out within a couple of minutes and that started to happen at around 5 months. When I want to stop the swaddling i leave 1 arm out for about a week and when he's used to that i will have both arms out but still wrap the blanket around his body. We had a couple of bad nights here b/c he'd wake up every 2 hours b/c of his darn hands....but i think him and us were eventually pooped and he has slept from 8 pm-6am without waking!!!! I don't feel swaddling holds them back at does its purpose for the time being and then you move on to the next thing :) HTH
mom2laurenmckenna responded:
Do what works for you and your baby. My DD was highly dependent upon swaddling, then @7 months was over it. I transitioned her slowly like pp. Arms only took a couple of days each. All out was much longer. At least 2 weeks. My DD began sleeping through the night around the same time, si it was a win win for us. GL!
StarryGrrl responded:
I agree that you do what works for your baby. My son was 7 months old when he decided he didn't want to be swaddled, and my daughter was 4 months old. I just swaddled until they decided they didn't want to be anymore, and it's pretty clear when they reach that point.
bbylove21 responded:
On the other hand is it wierd that my baby sleeps without being swaddled and he's only 4 w .. he only awakes to eat & i change his diaper over night then goes back to sleep..should i be worried? I know every little babe is different but can't help but wonder what the norm is
alaska_mommy replied to bbylove21's response:
The norm is all over the other words...there isn't one! LOL My son is 18 months and still doesn't sleep through the night. Count yourself lucky!
kmcarnag responded:
We quit cold turkey at 10.5 months. From about 6 mo DD would roll and wiggle all over the crib but she must have rolled the direction she was wrapped becuase she rarely came unwrapped.
MadlyMaggieMae responded:
Thanks for the tips... would have never thought of the one arm at a time thing. Will try that when I do break her. I mostly worry that she's getting to warm at night. Hate bundling her but she won't sleep without. So I put a fan on her and if it's really warm we sleep in the A/C in the living room. When she is swaddled she sleeps through the night already and has since about 5 wks. I would wake her for feeding but she pretty much sleeps from 9pm to 9am. I only wake her up one at night now to feed and change her and she doesn't even really wake up... eats in her sleep I think.That's the other reason I was wondering really lol. was afraid if I took away her swaddle blanket the blissful sleeping through the night thing would stop, and I'm enjoying a good nights sleep. If it was bad for her though then I'd do what I had to do... glad it's ok to continue for at least a little while longer.
Miss Cordelia Violet ~ Born 3/28/11 ~ 4 lbs 7 oz. 16 in. long.

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