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New Mommy
ashandchad posted:
Hi everyone! My name is Ashley and I live in the Houston area. I had my baby girl Hadley Faith last Thursday via c-section and we are both doing well. She is a wonderful baby and I just love being a mommy. This is my first baby. I am breastfeeding and everything is going great. I just wanted to introduce myself and say that I am super excited to finally be here.
Me 26, DD 27. Hadley Faith born 8/4/2011.
ami_nix responded:
Congrats and Welcome! My son Noah Michael was also born via c-section. He's 4 months old and the sweetest little blessing! We live in the Knoxville area, I can't wait to show him the mountains This is a wonderful community if you have any questions or comments. Good luck!
Noah's mom- "When you are a mother, you are never really alone in your thoughts. A mother always has to think twice, once for herself and once for her son." - Sophia Loren
mom2laurenmckenna responded:
Congrats and welcome. My lo is 10 months now, but I remember those first few weeks of bf. Power through, its worth it.

There are some great resources I found helpful as a first timer. There is another discussion board here for breast feeding, also, and a book I referenced a lot. "The womanly art of breast feeding "

Keep going and you'll be so glad you did!
Me, 36, DD 43, Lauren McKenna born 10/12/10
Olivetre responded:
Congratulations and welcome! I am also new to this community and my name is Olivia. I live an hour north of Houston...sorry you had to go thru all of the heat. My daughter Madelyn Renee is now a month old and is also doing well with breastfeeding. If you ever have any questions on breastfeeding go to the breastfeeding community. I had a few questions when she was a week old and I was able to find some answers and reassurance.
Olivetre responded:
Congrats and welcome! My name is Olivia and my baby girl Madelyn Renee was born 7/10. We are also breastfeeding and still going strong. You can also use the breastfeeding community if you have any questions about breastfeeding. Sorry you had to go thru all the heat (100's), we live close to Houston but had her before the consistant upper 90's and 100's but now that she is here I'm sure everything is much better.
AJ__Sparrow responded:
Oh, Ashley, Hadley is beautiful! It's good to see you over here and great to hear that breastfeeding is going well. I'm breastfeeding my baby Amelia (born last Sunday morning) too, and so far it's going okay, although we're still working through a few issues. It's getting better every day though, so I'm hoping these difficult, early days will soon be a thing of the past. I didn't know that there was a board for breastfeeding...maybe I should check it out. For now, I'm glad to see a couple of familiar faces from the Third-Tri board!
ashandchad replied to AJ__Sparrow's response:
Good to see some familiar faces. I feel like I know some of yall even though it's only through webmd. Everyone's babies are super cute!! I'm glad to hear about a breastfeeding community on here because some days it goes really well and then I have days like today where each feeding has lasted over an hour. I think I will be taking a look at that book also. Thanks everyone
Me 26, DD 27. Hadley Faith born 8/4/2011.

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