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Baby vomiting and spit up
kacj11 posted:
I have a 2 week old baby boy and after EVERY feeding(breastfeeding) he spits up rite after and then we burp him and a little after that he will start to vomit....the vomit and spit up just looks like breastmilk. Should i be worried?
Olivetre responded:
I would bring this up with his pedi. He could have reflux. Has he had his first check up? How was his weight gain?
kynaves27 responded:
is the vomit projectile? he could have pyloric stenosis (narrowing of the lower part of the stomach, which causes food to be unable to empty into the small intestine) this would require surgery. you need to call babys dr.
mom2laurenmckenna responded:
I agree that a visit to the Pediatrician is in order. With a lo so young they need every calorie w bf. Do all you can to avoid formula if you really want to bf, many Pediatricians will automatically say, switch to formula it will fix it. If there is an underlying factor it won't help. My lo had no issues w bf, but my cousin's lo did. She had to significantly change her diet bc they saw a allergist and many things my cousin was eating, her daughter was allergic to. My cousin began at 15 months adding stuff back into her diet. Her lo is also weaning now @ 18 months. It was a lifestyle /dietary change for her but worth it. It could also be excess gas or something else. This is why you must get you lo checked.
Me, 36, DD 43, Lauren McKenna born 10/12/10
Sara DuMond, MD, FAAP responded:
Hi there kacj11,
The advice the mothers here have given you regarding your son's vomiting is absolutely correct. A 2-week old baby that throws up after every feeding absolutely needs to be seen and evaluated by your pediatrician. Let us know what you find out after the doctor's visit. Best of luck to you!
Dr. DuMond
kacj11 responded:
ty for the answers.... i did take my baby to his pedi and he does have reflux i took him about a week ago and he was prescribed medicine i have been giving him it every day but i am still worried he continues to do after every feeding i dont know if to take him to another pedi for a second opinion also you can always hear bubbles in his stomach all the time
newmommy301978 replied to kacj11's response:
my baby has reflux, reflux meds will not eliminate spit up only help with the pain, as long as your baby is gaining weight and your dr is happy with it now if he continues to throw up and it seems like it was everything he ate then defintely take him back in, there are different test that can be done to make sure something else isn't going on hope this helps, good news is most babies outgrow this by the time they are 9 months or so

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