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Has your significant other tasted your breastmilk?
heat4heather posted:
I know, it's a weird question. Just curious
Heather (29), Jason (31), new baby Duncan Jay born 5/5/11

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fiannakyn responded:
I am not able to breastfeed but when I just asked DH if he would if he could, and he said yes, and not in a sexual way. He's a chemist and a cook, so he tends to use taste as a mesure. Wierdo.

but I did not vote so i wouldn't mess with the actual question of "did he".
Vicky DH (34) In process of becoming licensed foster parents. Lurking for research :)
alaska_mommy responded:
I have heard that some guys do that and like it in an erotic way. My hubby doesn't even like regular cow's milk, so breastmilk (the thought of tasting it) was particularly disgusting.
Someone somewhere has tasted and liked it, otherwise we wouldn't have restaurants marketing cheese made from it! LOL
fiannakyn replied to alaska_mommy's response:
or ice cream! hehe.
Vicky DH (34) In process of becoming licensed foster parents. Lurking for research :)
hlove1988 responded:
Breastmilk grosses my df out lol, he doesnt even like to get it on himself, I think it halarious
Katya1985 responded:
When I asked my DH if he would try it he said yes. He also said that there is nothing wrong in trying the breast milk since his child is drinking it. He tried it, gave me comments on it and never wanted to try it again though saying that once is enough.
martinawilliams responded:
Maybe TMI. He never meant to taste it but it was while we were being intimate and it just happened to spray right in his mouth hehehehe funny. We just laughed, he said it tasted kinda sweet.
Me (20), Bf (48) and DD,lilja born Nov.30.2010 . We Live in Jamaica for now :)
Anon_238184 responded:
Yes he has, many times. No big deal

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