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Issues with constipation, help
PrincessBaileyboo11 posted:
My dd started to teeth at 4 months old and had a week of bad diarrhea that followed a week of not going at all. She was not on solids then. She has since went from extremely clay like poop to rabbit pellets. She is 6 months old and i have cut back her solids to only high fiber fruits and veggies. she has never eaten grains due to lack of interest in them, so formula and maybe one solid . Her doctor put her on 1tbsp of miralax with apple juice a day starting on the 8th of august since all normal treatments had no effect. after three days her poop went to small amounts but still thick clay and with in two days after that back to pellets again. she is on day 8 with no really improvements. idk what to do now and i have noticed her sleeping is gotten strange. she went from hardly sleeping in the day to sleeping a lot more this week even at night. help what would cause this and what do i do?
Olivetre responded:
I had good luck with Karo Syrup. Jjust add a about a teaspoon to her formula.
shoxy responded:
My daughter had pellet poop and clay poop too. The doc had us do 50/50 prune juice.(100% prune juice, no sugar added) We started w/a half ounce of water to a half ounce of prune juice. Then did two doses the second day and the third day was poop city! haha. She had two days of it then was back to normal. And the sleeping a lot most likely means she's working it through her body. My daughter did the same thing before we tried the juice. Hope it helps!!!

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