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6 week old
newmom8891 posted:
so my son is a little over 6 weeks old, almost 7 weeks, and he eats about 3 oz. every 3-4 hours... problem is, almost everytime he eats he throws up a little... could i be feeding him too much or could it be the formula??? at his 2 week check up the doc said he was doing good except he wanted my son to weigh more... he had us come back in a week later... this was when i started feeding him 3 oz. each feeding... after a week of that he gained almost 2 lbs... but now it seems like it is too much... any advice??? this is my first child so both me and my husband are at a loss for what to do...
Olivetre responded:
my dd is the same age and she does the same thing. It is normal unless it is a large amount and forcefull. at this point that is probably about the correct amount of formula as it fills them up more tan breast milk. I am bf and she takes about 5 oz every 4 hrs if I pump. As long as he is gaining weight, content and having 6-8 wet diapers he should be fine.
Newborns usually do not over eat, they will turn their head away. If he wants more he will let you know. You may try to burp him more often...1 oz...if he will let you. HTH.
ami_nix responded:
My son did the same thing at that age. He will still spit-up if I don't burp him enough or if he gets upset before eating (he's 4 and 1/2 months). I was told by my Pediatrician that spit up is normal. If you notice a foul odor to it, check with your MD, it could mean that your baby is throwing up rather than spitting up and that could indicate an illness etc. I found these two link that I hope will help: ; .
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Sara DuMond, MD, FAAP responded:
Congratulations newmom8891! The parents here have given you great advice regarding your son's spitting up. 3 oz is a very normal amount for a 6 week old to be eating. As long as he continues to gain weight at an appropriate weight from check-up to check-up, seems content in between feedings, doesn't seem to be overly upset or in pain when he spits up, then most likely everything is fine. Here is a great overview of infant gastroesophageal reflux.
If it continues, mention it to your doctor at your son's next well check. He or she can discuss options that may help minimize the spit up (there are both medication and non-medication options). In the meantime, symptoms that would be red flags for a more severe problem would be bright fluorescent green colored spit-up, projectile vomiting, blood in the stool, and extreme fussiness with feeding that is difficult to console. Hope that helps, and keep us updated!
Dr. DuMond

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