Bottle feeding Question
Lani30 posted:
Hi, ladies! It's been a while since I've been on here and I had a question. Now that ds has been weaned and started whole milk (he just turned 1 last week), I was curious how much milk he needs during the day. I give him 3 bottles of about 6-8 oz-one in the morning when he wakes up with his breakfast, one mid-afternoon after his nap and one at bedtime. Does he still need this much? How much longer should I keep this up? I forgot to ask the dr. at his 1 year checkup so I figured I'd try here. Thanks!
sweetbaby82 responded:
I think the recommendation is up to 24 ounces a day after one year old. I give DS 4 bottles a day (one next week) and he will drink anywhere from 5-7 ounces each time. I am not too concerned about tracking it exactly because he he eats pretty well and a good amount. I think what you are doing sounds great...I have always found that my baby lets me know what he needs.
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Lani30 replied to sweetbaby82's response:
Ok, thanks so much!