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Passing gas
kacj11 posted:
I have a 1 month old and he has reflux and is on two prescriptions(dont know if that was relevant)....i hear bubbles loud bubbles in his stomach and everytime they start he gets really fussy as if he is in alot of pain until he burps or passes gas. also every single time he passes gas he stains his diaper is this normal?
Anon_48326 responded:
I'm not sure about staining the diaper, but have you tried gas drops or gripe water? My daughter is 7 weeks old and also has had some reflux issues. It's not severe enough to warrant prescription meds, but drops and the gripe water, especially, have helped quite a bit.
sweetbaby82 replied to Anon_48326's response:
Its pretty common for little babies to to have gas. My baby had really bad colic and was on meds for reflux, although they didnt help, so I think it was just colic. I second the gripe water...if I gave it to him soon enough it sometimes helped. Also try moving his legs in a bicycling motion that can help some of the gas get out. Also laying him with his stomach on my forearm helped because it put pressure on his stomach where the gas was. Eventually he will grow out of it, hopefully sooner rather than later
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mommyNtraining responded:
im assuming you mean wet farts? younger babies tend to have looser stools so its can be quite common for that to happen. when they fart, a little more may come out, they're not 100% in control of those muscles down there yet either. try gas drops if he's in pain or fussy. as he ages, with formula, cereal, or baby food come into play he will get thicker stools and will produce less wet farts.....

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