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Blood typing
JefLd posted:
If a new mother has type rh negative blood and the father has O positive blood, what should be the blood type of the new born?
Anon_52281 responded:
If you want to know your baby's blood type, you should check your paperwork from the hospital. It should tell you. If not, you can ask your pediatrician. Rh-negative is not a blood type. That just means that there is a protein on the surface of the red blood cells that you do not have. The four blood types are A, B, AB, and O.
fiannakyn replied to Anon_52281's response:
the odds are high that the baby will be RH . While still pregnant, the mother gets special shots to help her body not attack the baby if there is a mother/baby blood transfusion during pregnancy.

my grandfather was O and my grandmother was A-. They concived 8 children. of those 8, only 1 has RH factor negative.
Vicky DH (34) In process of becoming licensed foster parents. Lurking for research :)
Olivetre responded:
I am A- and my husband is A I had the rogahm sp? shot with both DD's as they were A

My parents are AB and A so basicly I am RH Negative blood type A. It just depends on what the DNA desides. At first I thought that it wasn't possible to have a negative out of two possitives but when you are positive you actually have positive or negative to pass down. she only has the two negative genes since she is negative so it will depend on if he passed the positive or negative gene. That is why if he is also negative she would not have to get the shot at 28 weeks.

If the baby was positive she would have gotten a shot within 24 hrs after giving birth so she will not have any issues getting pregnant again. If she didn't get a shot the baby may be negative but the hospital or the doctor should be able to give the mother that info..I had asked both times when I got the shot what their blood type was and the nurse was able to tell me.

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