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what do i do
deppsmomof4 posted:
met my friends new girlfriend today and she has a baby she looks to be about 2 or 3 months but she 8 months old my daughters age and the woman told me that the baby has been drinking whole milk scince she was born that lil girl is small and lankly and very sickly i dont know what to do
phoenix31674 responded:
I hate to recommend tattling, but you need to put in an anonymous tip to CPS. No baby should be on whole milk before 1 year. I'm guessing she's not going to well baby checkups since a doctor would have said something. You need to do this for the good of the child in the hopes that the poor baby has not been permanently damaged.
SFMOMof2 responded:
Is the mom young? First time mom? She may need to be educated on what to/what not to feed her baby? I agree with phoenix31674 that she is not taking her baby to well baby checkups b/c this would have been discovered and the MD would have intervened. You could intervene since she is sickly looking, she mostly likely is not meeting milestones or gaining adequate wt. IF she is being fed whole milk this young , who knows what else she may be feeding her.
alaska_mommy responded:
Whole milk is not adequate nutrition for a baby under a year old. Babies drinking solely cow's milk will be malnourished. I'd say talk to the mom first, and if she doesn't seem to take your advice to heart, then report it.
lenono97 responded:
I agree with the others. She is not feeding her child properly. Whole milk is NOT a substitute for formula/breast milk. If she can't afford formula she should get on the WIC program. Talk to her if you can. However, I would report her to child protective services for child neglect.
deppsmomof4 replied to SFMOMof2's response:
the mother is 40 and has four kids ages 24,21,11,and 8 months
Anon_48326 replied to deppsmomof4's response:
Report her to CPS. The one being hurt is that baby and she can't speak up for herself so someone else has to. This isn't something to think about; you have to act!
Anon_60218 responded:
agree with all the others. surely there's a W.I.C program at your local health department if she cant afford formula or something??

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