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please help
stellasdad18 posted:
My daughter is 8 months old and has been the best baby a dad could ask for. From the 1st week she has been sleeping through the night and it always a joy to be around. She began teething at around 5 1/2 to 6 months old and has been, other than a little cranky, her normal usual self dring the proccess. Until 3 night ago. She had a fever of 101.7 for 2 days and both night she would cry uncontrollably unless we held her and walked with her. Trying to sit with her or trying to lay her down was out of the question. Last night she was a little better where we were able to lay her down for some time and she would stay asleep but still not the normal little girl we are used to. Took her to her Peds doc and she couldnt find anything wrong and attributed the fussiness to the fever associated with an "end of summer cold". But last night no fever and still wouldnt let us put her down. I am out of ideas and could use some help.

sarah0323 responded:
Is she still teething. I know that when my LO's are teething it has always affected their sleep. Also, all my kids run temps when the teeth even though there isn't any connection to teething and a fever it happened in all of my kids.

Has she learned any new skills/tricks lately? Sometimes when they learn something new they want to keep trying it so that can affect sleep.

Does she fall asleep in her own bed or somewhere else? I know that if my LO's fall asleep in our bed and then we move them they are more likely to wake up. The reason seems to be that if they wake up even for a moment they realize they aren't in the same bed and they are afraid. If they fall asleep in their own bed and wake up they go back to sleep as they know where they are at.
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cshyronia responded:
My Baby does this sometimes . right now he has an ear infection and wont sleep through the night. but sometimes i just hold him real tight rub his bottom and talk to him and he will relax and fall asleep and then i lay him down

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