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What else besides a pacifier can a newborn suck on?
Brendon1969 posted:
When our baby goes through his crying jags, we try everything from Dr. Harvey Karp's 5 S's, to swaddling to burping to walking around to create movement to checking his temperature to taking car rides, etc. I found out that he likes to suck on my clean finger. Before we assumed he was hungry because when he cried he'd stick his hand in his mouth, so we fed him 4oz of Similac Advanced within every two hours. We were told that we were overfeeding him. We have tried to space three to four hours between feedings. Is there another item he can suck on besides pacifiers (he hates those)? Please help, thanks!
lenono97 responded:
Just curious, who told you you were overfeeding him? I ask because my son sometimes eats 4 oz every two hours. We just had his 2 month appointment and he was healthy and weighed the "right" amount for his age. Personally, if the only thing that will comfort your baby is a bottle. Then I think he is hungry and should be fed. I always thought babies and children don't know how to overeat like adults do. But I may not be correct. Thanks.
Anon_52281 responded:
I am also curious who told you that you were overfeeding him. Is he spitting up any of the milk? If not, then he is not getting too much. I say, if the bottle is what he wants, give it to him. In answer to your question, have you tried several different brands of pacifiers? Sometimes you have to try different ones to find one they like. I don't know of anything else safe for them to suck on. Good luck!
Ihgirl1066 replied to Anon_52281's response:
Sounds like our son when he was a baby, he'd eat upwards of 20 ounces in as lil as 6 hours, he was a 40 ounce a day drinker. Finally at 6 weeks we put rice cereal in his bottle and REALLY helped with the crying, he was just always sure our daughter is goin to be just like her brother.
Anon_48326 replied to Anon_52281's response:
I agree that you shouldn't be concerned about overfeeding. Newborns should be fed on demand and while eating every 3 hours is an average, not all babies are the same and there will certainly be some deviation. If your baby isn't spitting up, you are not overfeeding him.
alaska_mommy responded:
Some babies just like to snack often instead of eating more at one setting. If he wants the bottle, give it to him! I don't see any reason to withhold food from a baby.

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