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opiate effects on 4 month old
grendal87 posted:
ok, not my child, the child belongs to my sister in law...during her pregnancy from the first to the 3rd trimester...she occationally abused opiates, oxys, codine, and various others....well she gave birth to a healthy boy. Under weight but was expected, he's not 4 months old now...He doesn't sleep at night...He's very irritable all the time. He cries constantly when he's in one of his moods....he can cry for 4 hours and is inconsolable...I'm the father of a son, and my boy is nothing like his cousin. It's to the point, I get no sleep, I've had DCYF on my door, I've had the cops on the door, cause people are complaining and think he's being abused and he's crying all night.

So my question is could his moods and everything be the effects of his mother's opiate abuse, and what if anything can be done for him and his moods?
sweetbaby82 responded:
I can't comment on the opiates, but maybe its colic?
My baby had bad colic until about 6 months where there were times that I couldnt get him to stop crying and he wouldnt sleep at night. Just a thought.
Baby Boy born 9/8/10! 4 pounds 13 ounces
grendal87 replied to sweetbaby82's response:
his doctor perscribed an herbal thing for colic...and it don't work....It's 100% herbal, comprised of fennel, peppermint, mint, ginger, licorice and chamomile. I know these herbs work they made up a tea that my grandma used when I was an infant. Yet these ain't working for him...

We even went the homeopathic route as sugguested by the doctor. The things sugguested for use was Belladonna, chamomilla, cina, colocynthis, senna, and rhuem.

When this failed we were sent to a doctor practicing ayurvedic. Indian medicine, asafoetida, and rooibos was used. Neither had any effect.

Thats why I'm wondering if it might be cause his mother used opiates, and that's the cause.
sweetbaby82 replied to grendal87's response:
I can't speak for the herbs, but I know that everything on the market that is supposed to help gassy and/or babies with colic did not work for us. In fact, nothing did. There were days that I had to hold him while he slept and he would wake up screaming for no apparent reason. The only thing that made it go away with us was time. Also, because he was small at birth maybe his systems are underdeveloped and are taking longer to regulate themselves. My baby stopped growing in utero and was only 4.5 pounds. I think this may have contributed to his colic.
Baby Boy born 9/8/10! 4 pounds 13 ounces

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