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hard water
ErikaAnn0501 posted:
Where we are living right now, we have hard water. Could this be bad for my one month old to be taking in?(we bottle feed with formula). It didn't seem to affect my first child negatively, but my one month old seems to get tummy aches alot and we've tried everything else-so I'm just wondering if having hard water could be the cause of these?
sdadkin responded:
For my first DS and now with my second DS we bought gallons of distilled water to mix with the formula until they got teeth. Tap water has fluoride in it which babies don't need until they have teeth. I'm not sure how much, but I didn't want to chance it affecting our kids. We just buy the generic distilled water at Walmart and it's only 83 cents.
Dawn (26) Justin (26) DS1 Carter (7/22/09) DS2 Mason (5/3/11)
ErikaAnn0501 replied to sdadkin's response:
Thanks....I may try it. I know with well water, the water should be tested for nitrates....but with our first born, nothing happened so I'm sure our water is fine. But, I wonder if there's something in it that could be giving my 2nd born tummy aches....or maybe he just has a sensitive tummy!
Demeli responded:
I would definately have your water checked out by sending a sample to Public Health in your state. We were shocked when we did...I was pregnant with our first child and the nitrates were so high it said babies should definately not drink the water, so neither did I. Our water was so bad we have the best water softner we could buy for the hardness and then our water goes through a reverse osmosis filtering system. With these our water is perfectly healthy and great tasting. But I'd definately just get it checked out to be sure.
ErikaAnn0501 replied to Demeli's response:
well, we have a water softener...but ive heard even that can be unhealthy for babies!....i swear it's a no-win situation sometimes lol! im pretty sure our water is ok, as we used it with our first child and he's completely healthy and normal.

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