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How do I engage my 10 month old?
phoenixsong61 posted:
My 10 month old son is very active and loves to explore, crawl, stand, walk along the furniture and is large for his age (the size of a year old toddler.) But he doesn't want to wave good-bye, play games and is stubborn as a mule. Anybody got any ideas of how to engage a fiercely independent baby who loves doing everything on his own?
Dan Brennan, MD responded:
Sounds like my boys too

I often find that children focus on one large milestone at a time. In this case, he sounds like he is mastering his gross motor skills. Once he accomplishes his goals, I suspect he will turn next to fine motor of social/language skills.

I would continue to talk to him, get down with him on the floor and try to engage him in social activities while crawling or playing on the floor next to him.

I bet you'll see a huge difference in the next 4-8 weeks.

Hope that helps,
Dr. Dan
phoenixsong61 replied to Dan Brennan, MD's response:
Thank you. He loves to babble, so we "talk" all the time we're together. As long as he is happy and healthy, I am satisfied.
RoseLynn02 replied to phoenixsong61's response:
I would just keep trying. Sounds like he is doing great & I would be willing to bet if you just keep attempting the other stuff with him one day out of nowhere he will suddenly be doing all of those things. That's what I did with my 2 DD's & in no time at all the where getting the hang of it & waving & playing & all that jazz.

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