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Should you expose your 2 month old to a cold
grammalind posted:
My parents, my 2 month old granddaughter's great-grandparents are arriving from Florida for Thanksgiving and they both have bad colds. Should I tell my son and his family (which includes my 2 month old granddaughter) taht they shouldn't come over?
lenono97 responded:
If the child is healthy, I wouldn't worry about it. Today is only Monday. Chances are by Thursday your parents will be feeling better. Fact is, children will get sick no matter what. Their parents could just as easily bring something home and cause them to get sick. Not that I would let the sick person cuddle with the baby all day long, but being in the same house should be fine.
phoenix31674 responded:
DH brought home a cold from work that knocked both kids out for Christmas last year. DS was 2.5 months. He was a little miserable, but he weathered it just fine - we did not even have to go to the doctor. Unless the baby has a compromised immune system, there should be no problem. Just make sure that your parents wash hands before playing with her and they should probably refrain from kissing her and obviously not cough on her. Like PP mentioned, she's going to get exposed to germs at some point this winter.

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