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dont know what is going on
cshyronia posted:
Hello I have a 10 month old baby boy. every since he was 4 months old he wakes up about 2 times a month with a cry like he is in severe pain and i hold him tight and he cries and cries for about 10 min than goes back to sleep like nothing happens. now he is older and he wont let me hold him he pushes but the same cry and then goes back to sleep like nothing happen. I asked his dr he said he thinks its just night mares . Have any other mothers experienced this.
phoenix31674 responded:
My daughter had night terrors and used to do this. I think she was about 14 months the last time she had one. My son who is 14 months has had a couple as well and I had them as a baby. There really is nothing you can do and kids do grow out of them.
Ihgirl1066 replied to phoenix31674's response:
My son still does this and he is almost 20 months old, he seems to only do it when he didnt take a good nap or missed it and he is over tired. I just hold him til he goes back to sleep.
zabroza86 responded:
This is just what my son had last night. He was fast asleep like any other night, then woke up screaming his head off. I was rocking him back to sleep but like he was fighting his sleep. Then when he would doze off, I'd slow down the rocking then he'd wake back up and scream more. I felt so horrible but my first initial thought was a nightmare. =( He eventually fell asleep but I just made sure to cuddle with him the entire night because that really frighten me. This wasn't the first time, but its been about a good month or two since its happened.
fiannakyn replied to zabroza86's response:
I just had a foster son who has night terrors. A good indication is if he responds emediatly to your presence. If he doesn't, it's a night Terror and there really isnt anything you can do to prevent them, just what you are doing, holding and comforting him. I was told it's very commom for night terrors in young children and they grow out of them usually. They think it has to do with the brain developing and the terrors are just a quirk. My foster son has them nightly and multiple times a night, especially if there were changes, cause he was only 16 month when he was placed with us, and we were the 3rd home. poor kid has abandonment concerns he couldn't understand or express, so they come out in his terrors. I hope the fact he is now in a PERMANENT adoptive home will help, once he goes thorugh the regression from being moved again even though we only had him for 3 months.
Vicky DH (34) In process of becoming licensed foster parents. Lurking for research :)
cshyronia responded:
Thank all of you it makes me feel better that its not pain!!!

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