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my 9 day old infant has a cold
vickysmommy posted:
my 9 day infant has a cold what can i do for her. shes is 5 weeks early and sounds like a coffee pot?
StarryGrrl responded:
If her chest is congested I would suggest getting her in to see her doctor. In the meantime, use of the snot sucker in combination with saline nose drops will help. Use a cool mist humidifier near her bed when she sleeps, and take her into the bathroom as often as you can and run the hot water in the shower so she can breath in that steam. Try elevating her head slightly in her crib/bassinet for easier breathing at night. I hope your baby gets over her cold quickly; it's so hard when little ones get sick, especially when they are premature (my son was 5 weeks early too).
vickysmommy responded:
ty so much shes just so little i was so upset when people didnt care enough to tell me they had a cold ontill the next day i just dont want anything happing to her.
fiannakyn replied to vickysmommy's response:
your post made me think of putting a sign up on my front door saying "if you are sick, or think you might be sick, or were sick in the last week, DO NOT ENTER!" My baby is due Christmas Day.

oh and I <3 the name Vicky

**incase my siggy doesnt show- my name is Vicky, short for Victoria**
Vicky DH (34) Licensed foster parents -just had a 16-19m boy for 3 months, expecting a baby boy by private adoption, due Christmas Day. Never been pregnant.
Sara DuMond, MD, FAAP responded:
Hi vickysmommy,
I am so sorry that your little one has a cold. I agree with the last post -- new mommies absolutely have the freedom to be "rude" to visitors and deny anyone with cold symptoms the luxury of visiting their newborn!! I just wanted to say, that with her prematurity, and the fact that she is still so very young, please take her to her pediatrician to be evalutated. Even something as mild as a cold can be extremely troublesome for a newborn, and it is best to be as cautious as possible. Best of luck to you.
Dr. DuMond

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