Rubbing her ear
EvanBeachy posted:
My near ten month old daughter rubs her ear a lot....she had a cold a month or two ago, and I was worried she may have an ear infection. She didn't, but the rubbing of the ear has returned quite a bit recently. Is this more likely to be part of her "habit" when she is tired/frustrated/cranky or should I get her in to the doctor for another look?
GermaphobeTeacher responded:
It could be that she is teething. A lot of babies will play with their ears when they are teething. My daughter does that. As long as she doesn't have a fever, I wouldn't worry about it since you have had it checked once already.
candy352 responded:
I agree. If she doesn't have a fever that accompanies the ear rubbing, then she should be fine. Some babies grab at their ears for different reasons. I was worried when my baby did this and she is a little over 2 weeks old, but she only does it when she is hungry and she doesn't have a fever.
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cshyronia responded:
My son just had to have tubes put in his ears. He never got a fever. I just noticed he constantly rubbed his ears. Sometimes he had in infection sometimes not. This last time when they decided to put tube he took 4 different antibotics and still had the infection. no fever