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missashley1010 posted:
Hey everyone I have not really posted on here much since I had my son, but I am in need of advice! My son is three months old as of the 28th and my problem is I am like the walking dead! It wasnt so bad onmy leave but since iv been back to work its been insane I now do all the night shifts and the morning shifts. Before I had my son I was never a morning person im just starting to get soo worn out. My BF sucks at getting up period and so I took over it was better than listening to him complain I just want to know form you working mommas do you ever get into the rutine and it gets better to do?
Ihgirl1066 responded:
oh yes i havent slept through the night since Dec 2009 lol. My son wa 19 months when he started sleeping through the night and by that time we have a 2 month old. My husbands good at taking turns getting up but you still get woke up no matter what. I think you just get used to it after a while. And eventually most kids start sleeping better through the night when they get a lil older or in our case 19 motnhs, which i guess he still wakes with his night terrors, but at least he stopped getting up to eat at about 17 months. Our daughter turned 3 motnhs on the 29th and she already does better than what her brother did at this age, except right now that she has a bit of a stuffy nose. Good luck and it does get better!!
kay_kay75 responded:
I found the best thing was to start the routine right away, with me going back to work I started the routine at about 6 weeks since I had 8 weeks off. We have the same thing everynight about the same time, (now) we have our solid food, a bath, lotion, then bottle and snuggle time and then sleep. She didn't sleep through the night until about 4 or 5 months but I truly believe having a routine and we do the same thing every night (for the most part) it has truly helped my LO get into this sleep and know that she is safe and comfortable. HTH

Kay (36), DH (40), DD (11 months)

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