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unable to cure diaper rash in 2 1/5 week old
Jenn21120 posted:
had a baby girl on dec. 16th, and ever since she has had a diaper rash. at the hospital they used aquaphor and vasiline, my ped dr. gave me a recipe for a diaper ointment that had maloxx,desitin,baby powder in it, and ive used neosporin with it too but nothing seems to work. ive tried every diaper ointment out there and nothing seems to work. even leaving the diaper off to get air exposed to her bottom hasn't helped. i'm at my wits end here, please help if you know of anything else i haven't thought of. i just can't seem to get it to go away. it gets a little better then comes right back.
Allaya9 responded:
Have you tried butt paste? That stuff works wonders, used it on my little guy after he got a really bad diaper rash, and it cleared it up. Also, don't wipe with the wipes especially alcohol based best thing is to get some baby wash mix it with water and put gauze pads in that, that will help. Then try either butt paste or cornstarch either are great! Hope this helps.
lenono97 responded:
Have you considered changing diaper brands? It's possible she is sensitive to a chemical in the brand you are using. Just a thought!
shoxy responded:
Have you tried changing your diet if you breastfeed or changing formula? It could be an allergy. Other then that the changing diaper brands is a great idea and also fan her off either w/the cool setting of a hair dryer or a little hand held fan works too before putting on the creams.
kay_kay75 responded:
My friend had this problem with her son and the only thing she could do was use cloth diapers. She had tried everything.
GermaphobeTeacher responded:
I agree with the others about changing diaper brands. My daughter has only ever had one real diaper rash, and it was from LUVS diapers. We switched her over to Pampers Sensitive and we loved them. We also love Butt Paste and Anti Money Butt. We used them any time that she started to get a little pink, and we never had any more problems with diaper rash. If you have tried everything, and it keeps up, you should talk to your doctor about it. Hope that helps!

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